Although this country is less relevant to size and importance worldwide, Bhutan is still trying to maintain its identity on the world map. One of the biggest contributors to this country is the tourism industry. Beautiful natural landscape, Buddhist monasteries and architecture combined with real sceniness – it encourages tourists to spend a few days here and recover. But the usual tourist mentality on Bhutan’s excursions is just to visit the cliché of photo stops, relax for a day or two and return to base. But the true essence of your destination can only be known when you get to this place from the original level. That’s why we’re here to give you information about which country Bhutan is passionate about – archery.

History of archery in Bhutan

Butans doesn’t even remember the days when they were passionate about archery. Known as the “Dha” game in Dzongkh, the official language of Bhutan, it was declared a national sport in 1971. This year is considered very important in Bhutan’s history because it was the year this Buddhist kingdom officially became the United Nations. .

Archery is considered an integral part of the country because it also has deep roots in Bhutan’s culture. It is believed that the origins of this sport began as an important skill necessary for survival during hunting, as well as warfare. Wars fought during the British and Tibetan invasions. Then strings and arrows became an integral part, and thus later became a social game for kings and villagers.

Current state of archery

As soon as even the local archery competition is announced, the whole atmosphere is filled with such excitement that it becomes contagious. Such competitions are held lively and colourfully to match the enthusiasm of locals. If possible, try proving at least one such event during our Bhutan trip to Bhutan with our holiday packages. This is a team event where two teams play each other. Both layers are dressed in traditional clothes in two different colors. The sites are located at a distance of 140 meters and the Olympic standard – 50 meters. This shows exactly how important archery is to Bhutan.

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