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There are all kinds of ice hockey kits for you. The ice hockey shoes have a special material and high waist shies to get more support from the skaters. The ice hockey knife has its function and we will benefit from its function.

Ice hockey equipment

Implement: consists of ice hockey shoes, hockey knife, equipment maintenance, ice hockey stick.

Hockey Shoes:

The shoe has a high waist type and the stubborn material of the shoe, supports, ankles, heels and an outer layer. Long tongue and high waist shoes are strong enough to attract our ankles. This is able to help players to have support and strength. The hockey skater was originally for the high grade leather to be sewn. Shoes of all plastic molds were made in the 60s to 70s.

Now his shoes are nylon fiber backing and Zdeno Chara Jersey plastic on the bottom of the shoe in international. These kinds of shoes have stronger, lighter, better moisture resistance made of leather. We can wear it inside.

Hockey knife:

Originally for Tito’s steel blades while swords were a frequent product. High quality steel blade has several features of light quality, play against and also not easy to rust, etc. Ice hockey sword tall and short, large radians, thick blades. High blades work best when athletes take sudden turns and are able to avoid the shoe contacting the ice. Because the knife radian is large and then only contact a small area of ​​the surface. He was able to take taxis and come easily and flexibly. The function of the thick knife is to fight and bend with difficulty. A hockey knife will have a sharp edge for a long time when it has a shallow ridge.

There is a special thickening hard leather around the guard skating shoe. This is to counter hitting balls and protect their feet. There is a huge difference from the ice skating blades between the guard and the player. The metal is made into knives and the knives are also short and flat. There is a lot of connection between the knife and the knife arm to escape for the ball in the case. It has one big difference from the figure skate. That is the surface area of ​​a small, flexible, knife-fighting thrust.

Protective clothing:

In order not to get injured in violent matches and sports men should wear protective clothing all over the body. Protection equipment includes helmet, mask, shoulder protection, breast protection, waist protection, isolation, elbow protection, gloves, shorts, ankle protection, foot protection, etc. Ice hockey in modern uses light and hard materials and on the outside is a plastic shell and inside is a sponge or foam pillow. Masks, gloves, breast protection thickness and flared leg protection thickening are specially designed for guards.

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