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Social networking market

Advertising campaigns on important social networks make your sporting event accessible to a wide audience.

Use the following tips to effectively promote your sporting event on social media.

Create a site or event page

An event site or event page is your primary platform for promoting and interacting with your audience (see step 6 for more information). It also allows you to post personalized ads on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Tie a simple but memorable theme
Don’t forget that you have a memorable artifact for events. Thematic hooks create confusion and make it easier to follow the discussions about the event. See if you can save on popular sports-related topics like:

Football (or a sport relevant to your event)
Tip: For inspiration, note the importance of hashtag innovations in sports.

Use contests where you share tickets or merchandise
Ticketing competitions are a great way to increase the number of participants and get people to discuss your sporting event. You can also share branded products with sponsors. Some suitable ideas for destinations include:

Sports format
Sporting goods
Water bottles
Training group
Evacuation chairs
Tip: Consider ordering sporting goods with your event or fire logo.

Create expectations by sending teasers

To announce teasers for an upcoming sporting event

Behind the scenes, equipment and local preparations are filmed
Interviews with key players and participants
Comparison of statistics on competing teams and players
… and so on
If you’re on Facebook (and you are), here’s a great marketing guide for sports fans on Facebook.

Tip: You can automate social media management with free tools.

Sports marketing is not just about using advertising sponsors during sporting events.

Sponsors can also run ad campaigns to promote the event on the threshold. Typical sponsors are actually very good at creating a spark around events and promoting their own brand.

Promote a sporting event with sponsors

Sponsors can be very effective in marketing sporting events. Most sponsors develop their own independent marketing strategy. However, you can work with sponsors of your advertising activities. Give them access to social networks, influencers, ticket sales, and other parties involved in the marketing process.

Depending on the program, sponsors can promote the event as a whole or as individual events and athletes.

Tip: To get the most out of this parallel marketing, make sure you and your sponsor send a common message.

Buying tickets at a certain physical place is a minor drawback. Sixty-nine per cent of BRITISH citizens said they would attend more events if they could buy tickets online. Therefore, you are entitled to a more important event if you provide an online platform for potential attendees to purchase tickets.

In addition, physical ticket sales can take a lot of time and resources. (Please note that after the event, you must also physically check the ticket points.)

You can simplify this process by selling tickets through a reliable online ticketing website. Such sites will also present your event to an existing audience.

Be sure to include information about the website or ticket app in all promotional materials.

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Effective strategies to promote your sporting event

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