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We hope that, on Thursday, 7 May, the chairman of the PSL, Irwin Hoza, confirmed that he would not be going to be in a state of age.

Tennis SA is also in talks with the government and other sports codes to continue the contactless sport.

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FIFA has issued a football directive – provided the leagues get permission from their boards.

“The prospects for the resumption of football tournaments in South Africa will be strongly influenced by our joint decision to smooth the curve and reduce the number of new infections and deaths,” the South African Football Association (SAFA) said in a statement. The union also confirms that it is awaiting further announcement from President Cyril Ramaphosa. “The announcement gives us an idea of when domestic competitions can continue.”

The association stresses that ‘the most important thing is the early start-up of club football’.

Emergency aid to sports federations was also discussed with Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture Nathi Mtkhetwa.

In addition to discussing aid money with the South African government, Danny Jordan, president of the South African Football Association (SAFA), also met with FIFA to discuss, among other things, aid money. “Both the South African government and FIFA are committed to providing financial assistance and we expect both decisions from both of them,” Safa said.

In March, the minister announced that 150 rand had been allocated as a fund to help the sports, arts and culture sectors help athletes and artists in serious circumstances from the pandemic. About 5,000 applications were received from artists.

However, less than a third (only 90) of the more than 300 athletes who applied for emergency funding were able to receive funding as a whole. The Committee on Sport and Social Affairs is still examining other applications. Successful candidates were part of various sports codes, such as sports for people with disabilities, netball, gymnastics, etc.

At international level, all international and continental football federations (FIFA, IOC, UEFA, CAF, etc.) have agreed to postpon the last World Cup, Olympic and UEFA finals in qualifying until 2021. This is in line with the proposals of the various worlds. According to the health organisation WHO, international matches should not start until 2021.

National competitions have been postponed or cancelled in most countries. In Britain, Pemier League clubs recently declared at an online conference that the season can only be ended if up to 10 neutral stadiums are used for 92 open matches behind closed doors. The Premier League said it needed around 40,000 tests for players and staff to ensure their safety.

Tennis talks about continuing

Tennis SA (TSA) is also in talks with the Ministry of Sport, Arts and Culture to find out when this contact less sport can continue in some form. “The TSA is also actively cooperating with other South African sports – with the aim of seeing a relaxation of sports and physical activity rules – as soon as possible,” the association said.

The TSA will not release a revised tournament or event plan until it has received further clarity. ” But it was decided that school weeks (inter-regional tournaments in upper secondary schools and comprehensive schools) would not take place in June. The School Committee will consider alternative dates for these events later this year.

In the United States, the opening of some golf clubs and tennis courts was recently allowed, and Denmark was allowed to resume all golf and tennis matches at the end of April. Contact less sports such as athletics, tennis, golf, horse riding, archery and archery continued in Austria over the weekend as Scotland considered tennis and golf.

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