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Top Fantasy Hockey Rockie Draft Selection


Top Fantasy Hockey Rockie Draft Selection

We want you to be the winner of your fantasy hockey league so here are some beginner tips to guide you. There are great talents in the National Hockey League (NHL), young talents with lots of skills and potential. These rookies can not only provide good entertainment for the upcoming NHL season, but they can also be the boost you need for your fantasy hockey draft.

Here is a list of players who could potentially do well-wise statistics in the 2010-2011 NFL season. Check out these NHL newbies you might want to import on your fantasy hockey team.

Fantasy HockeyRookie # 1:

Tyler Ennis who plays for Buffalo Sabares as a forward. He was only 20 years old. The NFL crowd was impressed by this kid and he is predicted to score 35-40 points in the coming season.

Fantasy Hockey Rookie # 2:

Taylor Hall, 18 years ahead of Edmoton Oilers. The Oilers were a dying breed but slightly resurrected by Hall. He is a fresh shoot and has yet to be observed but those who have seen his game are impressed by his skills, especially in taking the hockey puck into the net with incredible strength and undeniable speed.

Fantasy Hockey Rookie # 3:

John Carlson is a defender for the Washington Capitals. He is a 20 year old rookie and is said to be a dynamic player. He is expected to score 30 points for his team this season.

Fantasy Hockey Rookie # 4:

Tyler Seguin is a forward for the Boston Bruins who is only 18 years old.
The basic question asked by Seguin is, “Will it play?” The answer lies in whether skater Marc Savard will heal his post concussion injury. Tyler Seguin is dubbed very skilled and he is predicted to display an impressive 45 points in scoring goals next season. NFL fans are actually excited to see Seguin play and impress hockey fans on the ice.

Fantasy Hockey Rookie # 4:

Alex Pietrangelo may be your beginner. He is a young defender, aged 20 and playing for St. Petersburg. Louis Blues.

Even though Alex Pietrangelo was ranked 4th in 2008, he was still asked to come back and play junior hockey for two years. Now, the time will come and this may be the season where we will see Alex Pietrangelo’s true potential. Imagine, a beginner picked 4th in the draft right when he was in junior high school! He’s already a fan favorite for the Rookie of the Year award which is an impressive feat to achieve.

Good luck with your choice whether you use our rookie list or not. Remember, winning is all about the numbers and doing thorough research. We hope your fantasy hockey team wins!

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