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Why Hockey Is So Popular


We’ve seen hockey grow. Several countries around the world take up all kinds of hockey games in different years. The origins and institutions of hockey appear relentlessly. We have one ice castle for our skating no matter what kind of weather they are.

There are requirements for the sport of ice hockey, which are fast hockey skills and mastery, speed skating feat flexibility and awareness of collective cooperation. It is a team sport for the body to have a strong resistance.

It is noted that local Indians have been playing exciting games on the ice before the arrival of British, French and British colonial immigration.

Later, British colonizers took hold of North America and then the British ambassador’s army to Canada was influenced by India to play cans on ice in their half time.

Why Do Canadians Love Hockey?

Jonathan Toews Jersey game in each country, Canadian foreign students will apply the field hockey method to play it on the ice. Hence it is able to integrate into the Indian ball. This is a new type of ice hockey setting and it is the basis of the sport of ice hockey.

By 1858, this kind of sport quickly spread across Canada from Montreal and Quebec. Canadian ball is the real name for the sport of hockey. Associated organizations established simple rules of hockey in 1875. Hockey games began officially in 1879. The first hockey association was founded by the Ontario hockey sports association in 1890.

From now on, this kind of sport was introduced to Europe and the world and it is in fashion. Gliding on ice from frozen rivers or North Scandinavian lakes. The bones of the animals were rubbed by local residents. It can be fastened to the leg with a belt to slide on ice and people would prefer the smaller one. While other larger ones are used to make sleds.

Hockey is no longer a Big Four sport

The fashion skating shoe was invented by the famous American figure skater in 1870. The appearance of these stainless steel ice skates to make the skaters do what they want. Figure skating skills are getting more and more complex. The emergence of a hockey club has sprung up. At the same time, this kind of skating shoe reduces the attribution of the sole on the ice. So that there is more development of speed skating.

In 1742, the first skating club was founded in Edinburgh, Scotland which had sports and entertainment for the main purpose. In 1876, London of England built the world’s first artificial freezing indoor ice castle. Therefore, there are no winter restrictions for skating. In 1882 Austria began playing international figure skaters. In 1885, France took on the first speed skating match. The foundation of the international skating union is 1891.

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